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From RC helicopters a decade back, there’s a new craze sweeping the market today. That trend is quadcopters. These quadcopters are lightweight remote controlled devices propelled by four rotors (the reason why it is called quadcopters) that rotate clockwise and counter clockwise. It is controlled by a console or thru a smart phone app. It uses Wifi technology to communicate with the controller.



Speaking of controllers, let’s talk about that for a bit. What is the best flight controller for quadcopter? That question doesn’t have a straightforward answer. The simple answer is there is none. The best answer though is this, there isn’t a single best controller because there are different needs for each type of quadcopter. Quadcopters can fly in 3 different ways, namely FPV racing, autonomous and freestyle. FPV racing as its name suggest is for racing purposes, while autonomous controllers are mainly used for camera drones. Freestyle on the other hand is for doing tricks and basically anything you want while the drone is on flight.

To relate it to the question that this article poses, in order to get the best controller, you must first identify the need. How do you plan to fly your drone? Will it be for racing? Will it be for photography? Or will it be for doing tricks? When you are able to answer one of those questions, you will then be able to find the controller that you need. That is the best analogy to the best answer to the question “What is the best flight controller for quadcopter?”.

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