• Introduction to portrait photography
  • Connection between photography and lightroom presets
  • What are the best lightroom presets

Portrait photography is another form of photography which obviously captures the image of a person or a group of people. What makes it unique is it aims to capture expressions, mood and the personality of the person being photographed. There are different styles and approaches to portrait photography. The one thing that portrait photographers want to do though is to embed their specific style into the portrait that they captured. This can be done in several different ways. Through the angle of the shots, or maybe the pose of the subject, it all depends on the photographer.


But, there is one trend that is rapidly rising. Most portrait photographers today use a software called Lightroom, which is made by the same company as Photoshop. Lightroom is a program that you can use to apply different looks to a portrait simply by applying presets. These Lightroom presets can make a portrait look and feel differently with a few clicks of button. All you need is the right preset to do that, and you can basically edit a batch of portrait photos and have the same look, which would then become your trademark. The best thing about these presets is, if you fancy a certain style by a certain photographer, you can probably find a preset online that you can download and apply.

There are a bunch of Lightroom Presets available online, some free, and some are paid. The best presets are the ones that can clearly enhance the portrait image that was taken. A few presets come to mind. Namely the Sepia Chic, Basic Bam and Modern Aged, which if you Google them, you can easily get download links for free.

The best thing about these presets is that really is a time-saver. You can achieve the look of a specific portrait by just applying the preset that you want. If you are a casual photographer, it can also make your photos look professional. That’s how useful this is.


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