• An online photo shop that offers filtering tools for your photos
  • Retro-styled presets you can use for your photo images, only with Infoparrot
  • Experience professional black and white toning with your photos through a collection from Infoparrot

If you have never heard of Infoparrot before, you are in for some surprise. And not only that, as far as photography is concerned, you will experience total photography satisfaction, courtesy of its varied and diversified collection of plugins, presets and brushes for the development and enhancement of your photos.


Infoparrot has that long list of photo-enhancing solutions on the web. Let us take a cursory look at some these tools, though, and see why this app is the ultimate choice of photographers and designers alike when editing photos.

  • Creative Work of Graduated Filter in Adobe Lightroom – Filtering is something new to photography, but Infoparrot has that tool that allows you to make filtering work much easier with its interactive, easy-to-handle tools in managing the color or even the texture of your photo images.
  • 30 Best Retro Lightroom Presets for Adobe Lightroom – Going old school is another form of enhancement that Infoparrot takes pride of delivering. And these retro-style presets makes it all possible. Get this collection from Infoparrot right now and see the effect of going retro with your modern pictures.
  • Color Toning B&W Images in Lightroom – Or you can make drastic transformation with your photos by using his toning tool, black and white mode, and somehow increase the characterization of your photo images. Infoparrot, needless to say, is changing the way we enhance our photo images.

This is just a mere sampling of how Infoparrot makes photo editing the coolest thing in the world, because its tools allow you to experiment with a lot of effects that would form part of the development of your photo images.

Download that tool now from Infoparrot, and bring out the best of your photo images in a variety of ways.

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  • Free photography tools you can get on the web for your photo editing
  • Using tons of effects on your photos, courtesy of Sleeklens’ collection of presets
  • Artsy, technically-enhanced photos just by using free Lightroom presets by Sleeklens

Getting free tools online for your photographs is already an advantage, how much more if you can get the best possible tools for the enhancement of your photos. And you can get that through Sleeklens.

LR1 (2)

You can now download free Lightroom presets by Sleeklens anytime of the day. Photo editing has been made available to everybody, thanks in part to Sleeklens, where you can get the best tools for the enhancement of your photos.

If you dig photo editing that makes your images more interactive and real, then these Lightroom presets make way for you. You don’t have to spend too much getting these expensive tools for you to make significant changes to your photos, all you need to do is download free Lightroom presets by Sleeklens.

Now is the time actually for ordinary photo enthusiasts to grab a hold of these tools because it allows them to make improvements to their photos the way professionals do. The initial thing to do really is to download free Lightroom preset by Sleeklens. After that, photo editing is so easy.

Sleeklens has a collection of presets that suits your fancy. You can transform your colored photos into black and white masterpieces or in vintage mode, depending on the effect you wanted to have with your action camera hd photos. You can experiment so many effects with these presets without actually damaging the original image of your photo.

It also has additional tools like brushes or a storing system where you can save your files, not to mention the video tutorials that you can get for you to make further enhancements to your photos. All these you can get if only you download free Lightroom presets by Sleeklens.

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